Don't be like Janus. Be like Dipstick.

I forget which philosopher said it. In fact, I don't even recall if it was a philosopher. Still, the gist of what I DO recall - that depression is linked to looking at one's past, whilst anxiety is focused on one's future.

The past. I've been a lottery winner ten thousand times over. Always had the right partner too. The right job. The right look. You name it. Never put a foot wrong. And why is that? We are all experts on the past.

And then there's the future. The Great Unknown. We look at it most times with fear, worry or confusion. Occasionally with excitement, like when going on two week's vacation, but more often than not with at least wariness, sometimes fear.

The Romans had a god, Janus, who looked both forward and back. He's the reason that January is called, well, January. So how many of us do a pretty good impression of Janus - one eye on the past; one eye on the future. The real secret...

Don't be like Janus. Well at least not all the time. Sure, plan for the future and learn from the past. The key is, don't be held hostage by either of them and allow yourself to be in the moment. The here. The now. Your best ideas are likely to surface then, un-tainted by the echoes of the past and the worries of the future.

As humans, we are pretty much unique in being able to reflect on the past and ponder about the future. That's both the blessing and the curse of being like good ole Janus.

Dipstick, as above, is not Janus. He's one of the felines that shares life with my family and I. He lives in the here and now. And I don't think he's got either depression or anxiety. Even more so when he savages a ball of rolled up paper. Totally in the moment.

Be like Dipstick.

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