Global Life Coaching - originally from the UK, now in Ohio, reaching out to you wherever you are around the globe.

Where are you at?  More importantly, where do you want to go?  You don't have to be stuck - Not One Second More!

Life can be a complicated deal, with work, relationships and even understanding yourself being tough at times.  Sometimes when we look to engage with others, the conversation doesn't always seem to go right.  In fact, even when talking to ourselves, things can seem to go awry.  Life - it brings stresses and strains to the very best of us.

As a qualified Life Coach, with years of experience in helping others, I can help your individual journey so as to overcome life's road-blocks. 

I offer self-improvement and goal achievement in:

* Professional development

* Relaxation techniques

* Effective goal-setting

* Sports performance

* Stress management

* Smoking cessation

* Career direction

* Self-awareness

* Relationships

* Coping skills

* Spiritual life

* Self belief

Looking to enhance your life skills?

Man Looking Out to the Mountains

   Life skills can include:

*  Personal Life Skills

* (Sports) Performance Life Skills

* Business / Career Life Skills

* Crisis Life Skills

* Spiritual Life Skills

* Parenting Life Skills

* Social Life Skills

* Relationship and Love Life Skills

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